Clarke® TFC-400 All Purpose Touch Free Cleaner

Charged with 400 psi of power-spraying punch, gives you the ability to blast away grit and grime without actually having contact with the dirt. Vac motor: 2 stage 900 W; blower motor: Yes-vacuum exhaust. Waterlift: 81"; air flow: 97 cfm. Solution tank: 20 gal.; recovery tank: 13 gal.

Alternate #56380773
Retail Price:$3,710.00/EACH

Impact® 7400 Manual Carpet Sweeper

Great for short pile carpets or floors. Crimped nylon bristle with 4 horsehair corner edge strip brushes. Low profile. Compact design. Brush cleaning comb for maintenance. 10".

Alternate #7400
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KaiVac® KaiGrouter™ Tool

Blast ground in dirt from grout lines and more with this tool.

Retail Price:$319.30/EA

KaiVac® 1200 Series No-Touch Cleaning™ Systems

The KaiVac 1200 series are the smallest No-Touch Cleaning systems yet, they deliver the same industrial strength capabilities as our other systems. Perfect for smaller jobs or facilities, the 1200 series is compact, lightweight and easy to maneuver. In fact, it's able to fit on many standard janitors' carts. 12 gallon water tank. Vac Tank: 8 Gal.

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KaiVac® 2150 No-Touch Cleaning™ System - 21 Gal.

Has a 21 gallon fresh water tank and 19 gallon recovery tank. 51" H x 32" L x 24" W; 21 Gal., 113" waterlift, 107 CFM. 110 Volt - 60 Hz, 14.5 amp, GFCI, 1 GPM, 500 psi. Molded-in chemical holder: Gallon (2), Quart (2).

Alternate #2150
Retail Price:$4,699.00/EACH

KaiVac® KaiMotion

Combines precise flow control, microfiber technology plus an ergonomic mop handle & frame to revolutionize floor care forever. Easy to master. Three times faster than traditional methods! Perfect for applying floor finish. Perfect for applying stripper & degreaser.

Alternate #KAIMOTION
Retail Price:$646.74/EA

KaiVac® 1750 No-Touch Cleaning™ System - 1 GPM, 500 psi

Workers simply spray cleaning solution on fixtures and floors, and then blast the soils to the floor with a high-pressure water spray. Finally, they vacuum the floor dry, completely removing soils and bacteria. The results are sparkling clean restrooms, kitchens, stairwells and many other areas without ever having to touch soiled, contaminated surfaces. No-Touch cleaning combines an indoor pressure washer, chemical injection and wet vacuum technologies onto a single space-efficient platform. 40" H x 28" L x 22" W; 17 Gal., 108" waterlift, 112 CFM. 110 Volt - 60 Hz, 14.5 amp, GFCI.

Retail Price:$4,099.00/EA