Earth Friendly Products® ECOS™ PRO EcoBreeze™

EcoBreeze™ is a clear winner, safely and effectively eliminates the toughest malodors from fabrics including cigarette smoke and pet malodors. Product can be directly sprayed onto any water-safe surface; will not stain or leave behind any sticky residue. Can easily be used as a general air freshener as well. Available in Lemongrass, Lavender Mint and Citrus Blend scents, all of which are widely considered pleasant and neutral to the majority of the populations senses. Non-toxic, readily-biodegradable, pH balanced formula is made using sustainable, plant-based ingredients. Product is free of synthetic perfumes and dyes, greywater and septic safe. Recognized by EPA's DfE and USDA's Biopreferred Program.

Retail Price:$6.04/QT