SSS® FoamClean Ascend 62 Instant Hand Sanitizer - 1000 mL

Works instantly without water. Contains moisturizer. Kills 99.9% of most common germs. Fragrance free. Bactericidal agent: Ethyl alcohol at 62%.

Alternate #44600
Retail Price:$102.93/CASE

Dial® Professional Hand Sanitizer - 4 oz.

Provides convenient, effective germ-kill that works to kill harmful disease-causing germs, yet is gentle on the hands. Kills 99.999% of pathogenic germs in 15 seconds. Fragrance and dye free.

Alternate #00685
Retail Price:$92.86/CS

Dial® Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill - 800 mL

Protect your hands from common germs and bacteria that may cause illness wherever you go, even to places without soap and water. Effective against bacteria, yeast and molds. Fragrance and dye free. Use with Flex dispensers. 12 per pack.

Alternate #95862
Retail Price:$103.50/CS

Kutol Health Guard® Instant Hand Sanitizer - 1200 mL

Kills 99.9% of eight important organisms in 15 seconds or less. Thick formula won't run off hands and doesn't over-dry skin. Clear color. Use dispensers: 9955ZPL, 9956ZPL, 9957ZPL.

Alternate #5693
Retail Price:$78.61/CS

SSS® FoamClean Hand Sanitizer - 1000 mL

Kills 99.9% of most common germs. Works instantly without water. Enriched with aloe and vitamin E. Bactericidal agent Benzethonium Chloride at 1.25%. Light linen fragrance. Clear.

Alternate #44096
Retail Price:$89.17/CS

SSS® FoamClean Hy-Clean E-2 Hand Sanitizer - 1000mL

Dye and fragrance free. Ideal for food service applications; bactericidal agents: myristalkonium chloride and quaternium 14, 2.5%.

Alternate #44095
Retail Price:$69.03/CS

SSS® Instant Hand Sanitizer - 800 mL BIB

Thick gel formulation. Kills 99.9% of 8 important organisms in 15 seconds or less. Use without water. Clear, alcohol odor.

Alternate #44140
Retail Price:$77.82/CS