Impact® Deluxe Tank Soap Dispenser - Tan

1050 ml (36-oz.) see-thru tank capacity; dispenses 0.8 ml per stroke. Works with liquid, lotion, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiseptic soaps. Meets ADA requirements. Pull lever operation; diaphragm valve. 9" L x 5" W x 4 1/2" D.

Alternate #3300
Retail Price:$58.65/EA

Impact® Triad™ Soap Dispenser - Gray, See-Thru

1475 mL capacity; dispenses 0.9 mL or more per stroke. Works with liquid, lotion, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiseptic soaps. Removable backplate. Versatile, push plunger valve; Meets ADA requirements. Hidden security lock prevents vandalism. 7 1/2" H x 5" W x 4 1/4" D.

Alternate #9352
Retail Price:$51.73/EA

Bobrick Bottle Cap For B822 Soap Dispenser

Alternate #B-822-94
Retail Price:$2.84/EA

Bobrick Liquid & Lotion Soaps Dispenser

Designed to dispense commercially marketed all-purpose hand soaps including liquid and lotion soaps, synthetic detergents. Also dispenses antibacterial soaps w/PCMX or Triclosan. 20 oz. capacity. Spout length: 6". Max. Mtg Thickness: 1".

Alternate #B-82216
Retail Price:$63.13/EA

Bobrick Top Filling 20 oz. Soap Dispenser

Shatter-resistant polyethylene container. High-impact-resistant ABS body and shank. Bright polished spout, cover and escutcheon. Lavatory Mounted. Spout Length: 4", Maximum Mounting Thickness 1". 20 fl. oz. Capacity.

Alternate #B-8221
Retail Price:$51.62/EA

Bobrick Top Filling 34 oz. Soap Dispenser Replacement Bottle

34 oz. Bottle.

Alternate #B-822-95
Retail Price:$3.28/EA

Dial Complete® Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser - 800 ml

Easily customizable, the Dial dispenser is ADA compliant & offers a see-through window that eliminates the need to open the cover to check soap level. w/Dial Placard. Compact and uniquely designed.

Alternate #00041
Retail Price:$11.02/EA

The Dial® Dispensers

Adjustable dose rate (.76 mL, 1.2 mL, 1.54 mL) allows you to better control soap usage. Factory setting of 1.2 mL vs. industry standard of 1.5 mL. Our soap reservoir eliminates soap waste and provides continuous service to customers. Unique non-corrosive key. Locking mechanism helps prevent vandalism. Translucent cover allows for continuous soap viewing. Large push button is intuitive and ADA compliant. 1 Liter.

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Dial® Model 22 Manual 800 mL Liquid Soap Dispenser - White

Manual push-and-pump dispenser with durable plastic construction. Designed for sanitary, sealed 800-ml bag-in-box refills. Mounts with either screws or pressure-sensitive tape.

Alternate #03226
Retail Price:$12.95/EA

HD Wall Dispenser for 100 mL Pump Bottles

Model 9919ZPL.

Alternate #44200
Retail Price:$75.26/EA

Health Guard 1200 mL Dispenser - Black

1200 mL Health Guard Dispensing Skin Care System provides optimum protection against poor hand health.

Alternate #44130
Retail Price:$8.33/EA

Impact® Deluxe Globe Soap Dispenser - Translucent/Chrome

16 oz. capacity; dispenses 0.65 ml per stroke. Plastic globe and chrome bracket. Heavy duty valve and bracket. Industry standard for numerous bulk soap applications. 7" H x 3 3/4" W x 5 1/2" D.

Alternate #4100
Retail Price:$22.34/EA

Impact® Lotion Crank Soap Dispenser - Tan

Manufactured of hi-impact, corrosion-resistant ABS plastic. Contains built-in reservoir for ready supply of product. 6" H x 8 1/2" W x 7 1/4" D. For 4-liter/1-gallon flat-top jug, approx. 1.4 cc per crank.

Alternate #1300
Retail Price:$89.81/EA

Impact® Push Paste or Grit Paste Disp. w/Follower Block-Wh

Inner-working mechanism to dispense paste and many paste/grit soaps. Follow block is packaged with every dispenser. 4" H x 3" W x 9 1/2" D; White. Fits 3" can openings only.

Alternate #1305
Retail Price:$47.37/EA

Kutol Clean Shape® Bracket

Comes with double-sided tape, applied to back. Special slotted key holes make it easy to mount level with screws. Simple and easy to load. Molded from high impact plastic.

Alternate #9907ZPL
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Kutol Floor Stand With Sign

Makes hand sanitizing easy and accessible. Add automatic No Touch dispenser and create a hand hygiene station. Unassembled. Easy setup. 59.25" high x 6" across x 15.75" base x 2.125" depth. Height includes the 10" sign height.

Alternate #9938ZZZ
Retail Price:$136.03/EA

Tork® Foam Skincare Automatic Touch-Free Dispenser

Uses 4 'C' cell alkaline batteries - not included. Dispenses 0.4 ml per dosage. S22 system. 11" H x 5.2" W x 5.4" D.

Alternate #572028A
Retail Price:$13.80/EACH

SSS® 3.5 L & 8 L Soap Dispenser - Gray

Ideal for high volume locations. Use either 3.5 liter or 8 liter refills.

Alternate #44114
Retail Price:$23.34/EA

SSS® 800 mL Soap Dispenser - Cream

Dispenses QSC hand and skin products from sealed 800 mL Bag-in-Box refills.

Alternate #44110
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SSS® CleanView Dispenser Unit For 2000 mL & 4500 mL

Dispenses from a unique bag-in-bottle cartridge. Large capacity in smallest space possible. Fast change design with no waste. Waterproof for use in showers. Meets ADA push requirements.

Alternate #44218
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SSS® FoamClean Foam/Liquid Soap Dispensers

ADA compliant push pad located at the top of the unit. Large viewing window makes it easy to check the level and identifies the QSC cleanser in use. Dispenses 0.75 mL per use. 1000 mL.

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SSS® FoamClean CM Foam Dispenser - Black

Unique "top-fill" design makes it easy to refill. Simply remove the FoamClean pump head from the locked position, insert the bag nozzle into the refill dock, turn to open the nozzle, and soap will flow from the refill bag to the sealed reservoir below the counter. "Top-off" feature eliminates product waste. The dispenser is very durable and comes with a lifetime free pump replacement guarantee. ADA push compliant. 1000 mL.

Retail Price:$35.93/EA

SSS® FoamClean TouchFree M-Style 1000 mL Dispenser - Black

Effective, clearly visible sensor. Immediate product release. Easy-change batteries. Innovative top-valve design. No-leak guarantee. Manual fit allows use of same product bags as manual push. 6 per case.

Alternate #44172
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SSS® FoamClean TouchFree M-Style 1000 mL Dispenser - Gray

Effective, clearly visible sensor. Immediate product release. Easy-change batteries. Innovative top-valve design. No-leak guarantee. Manual fit allows use of same product bags as manual push.

Alternate #44171
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SSS® Healthguard Cream Dispenser - White

Built tough to retain its good looks and handle the abuse of high traffic areas where vandalism can be a problem, we guarantee it. Holds 1200 mL cartridges.

Alternate #44129
Retail Price:Call for pricing