Andersen Super Scrape™ - Black, 3x5

Super-heavy, super-durable Super Scrape™ mats provide that extra degree of safety needed for those work areas where absolute traction is critical. Available Colors: Black, Safety Green, Caution Yellow, Warning Orange, Danger Red. 1/4' Thickness.

Retail Price:$94.15/EA

SSS® Deodorizing Toilet Floor Mat

Designed to fit around the base of all standard toilets, protecting the immediate area from unwanted drips. Charcoal color and fresh scent deodorant. 22" x 22" x .25".

Alternate #08086
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SSS® Deodorizing Urinal Floor Mat

Charcoal colored mat designed to be used with all hanging single urinals. Impregnated with pleasant fresh scent to eliminate odors in the immediate area. 17.5" x 20.5" x .25".

Alternate #08085
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